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Console Cocktails

Illuminating while Intoxicating

Cocktail #2: Doin’ Shots at LDI

Posted by Cat On November - 25 - 2009

I decided to have an impromptu meetup during LDI to film an episode on what we saw on the exhibit hall floor. Lucky for me, Daphne Mir (@lekogirl), Peter Kirkup (@pkirkup) and Aron Altmark (@AronAltmark) were kind enough to answer the Twitter call! The result is a cute, and often times SILLY video recap of new products and swag!

Production Note: Joe was not able to be in this video because he was giving grandMA 2 demos like crazy!
Thanks again guys!

Scootin’ around at LDI2009

Posted by Cat On November - 20 - 2009

thumb-joescooterEvery LDI, Joe says he’s gonna get a scooter to ride around the showfloor. Well, this year – there was a real, honest NEED for a scooter. See, the tradeshow is in the South Hall, but our training and demo room is in the North Hall. It’s a bit of a hike, but the scooters save you a LOT of time. Plus – we look wicked cool on them. Right? Right?

They definitely work better on the concrete than the carpet, but – for $20 – I’m not complaining. They worked pretty well on the pre-carpeted showfloor on Thursday. If we could just get them to take all of the carpet up and get all the attendees to move on to a booth and out of the aisles, we could have some real fun.

To prove how AWESOME we look on them, I’ve placed some iPhone-quality (what an ironic combination) videos for your viewing pleasure below.

Special thanks to the LDI Interns for making extra Wal-Mart runs so that we could have these.