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Console Cocktails

Illuminating while Intoxicating

Cocktail #8: Converting Showfiles and ShirleyTemples

Posted by Cat On January - 30 - 2012

This time we take a look at the new grandMA1 to grandMA2 showfile conversion utility, and then we give a classic drink an adult update.

You can download the MA Showfile converter for free at

Recipe: Converted Shirley Temple


6 oz. Reeds Extra Ginger Brew

1 splash Rose’s Grenadine

1 Shot Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquor

1 Shot 42 Below Vodka

Maraschino Cherry for garnish

Combine the ingredients in a glass with ice and stir (don’t shake). Add a cherry or two for garnish.

Please Enjoy!

Cocktail #7: Smells like Bacon

Posted by Cat On December - 16 - 2010

Besides serving up the recipes you submitted for a Wholehog colored cocktail, we include a video covering all of the Wholehog 3 OPEN key shortcuts.

We received four suggestions for a Wholehog flavored cocktail, so we included all of them in the video. Thank you to everyone who participated and Enjoy!

Want to watch this in HD? Watch it on Vimeo.

Cocktail suggestions came from @cynicalgrim, @xedmada, @housetohalf at @lightjams.

Cocktail #6: Aron the Intern

Posted by Cat On September - 29 - 2010

This time WTH stands for “Where the heck,” as in “Where the heck have we been for months?”

Well ok, fair enough. Its been a looooong time. We try to explain that in the video and offer you up a bit of good humor at the same time.
You’ll also notice there are lot of things are gone – and it’s not just Joe’s long hair. For example, we’re keeping it simple and foregoing the green screen (you would not believe how long that takes to set up and later to render in post). I’ll let you figure out the rest…

You can follow Aron on Twitter: @aronaltmark
To make the Aron the Intern cocktail:

  • 1 part Sweet Tea Vodka (there are a variety of brands at your favorite liquor store: we like Bevmo)
  • 1 part Peach Schnapps (we used DeKuyper)
  • 1 part lemonde
  • Cocktail #5: HTP, LTP and Gummi Bears

    Posted by Cat On March - 11 - 2010

    This time we’re talking about priority levels when you have multiple playbacks and how to determine which will win. We’re also having drunken gummi bears… which are always full of win. Thanks to Aron Altmark for the suggestion!

    Cocktail #3: Squintin’ at the grandMA2

    Posted by Cat On December - 16 - 2009

    During LDI, we got together with Brian Dowd of ACT Lighting and Justin Lang of to talk about the grandMA2 and what’s new with the hardware and the software. Justin conducted this interview as part of a longer podcast for I brought along my camera (cause you just never know) and got some video that I thought was pretty interesting. You’ll need to watch iSquint for the full podcast next month, but this Cocktail will certainly get you thirsty for more.

    FYI – the Dirty Pete Cocktail is…

    3 parts vodka
    1 part Dry Vermouth
    2 parts Olive Juice (ok, 1 part if you like – just don’t use that premade dirty martini mix: use the brine out of the olive jar)
    5 dashes of Hot Sauce (Pete’s Hot Sauce is recommended, but substitute as needed)
    At least 2 Olives


    My Podcast Alley feed! {pca-8f2ce457697bab191caf440f96ff7a6d}

    Cocktail #2: Doin’ Shots at LDI

    Posted by Cat On November - 25 - 2009

    I decided to have an impromptu meetup during LDI to film an episode on what we saw on the exhibit hall floor. Lucky for me, Daphne Mir (@lekogirl), Peter Kirkup (@pkirkup) and Aron Altmark (@AronAltmark) were kind enough to answer the Twitter call! The result is a cute, and often times SILLY video recap of new products and swag!

    Production Note: Joe was not able to be in this video because he was giving grandMA 2 demos like crazy!
    Thanks again guys!

    Happy Halloween

    Posted by Cat On November - 1 - 2009

    At the last minute we threw together some Halloween decorations for our front porch. Since there’s a console and a cocktail involved, we figured you might enjoy seeing it. Plus, there’s some cute trick-or-treaters.

    PS: After the video, we added Voyant Chai Liquor to the pumpkin spice martinis, and it was even better.

    grandMAr2ni: How to

    Posted by Cat On October - 27 - 2009

    This was a really simple recipe that Joe covered in our announcement video. We’re drinking these again in the first episode (“Busk, Busk, Baby”). I’m not even sure this constitutes a “cocktail” since there’s really only one ingredient and one garnish!
    The details:


    1 part Black Vodka

    1 orange peel, cut in a circular shape

    The vodka we used was Blavod.  For some reason, when you buy it: it comes in a wetsuit. I’m serious. It’s cute, though. Not my favorite vodka, but certainly good enough to drink on it’s own without any sort of mixer. Plus, it looks cool, and that’s important.

    To get the perfectly circular “trackball” orange garnishes, we used the lid from the vodka like a cookie-cutter. Blavod has a tin (or aluminum, I don’t know)  lid, and it worked perfectly. Then, just pop out the orange pieces and pull off any extra orange guts that may still be clinging on.

    It’s a little sweet, but it sure does look like the trackball corner of the grandMA 2’s front panel. In fact, the more you drink from it, it almost starts to resemble the console PERFECTLY. At least, that’s what I thought.