Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Console Cocktails

Illuminating while Intoxicating

Cocktail #2: Doin’ Shots at LDI

I decided to have an impromptu meetup during LDI to film an episode on what we saw on the exhibit hall floor. Lucky for me, Daphne Mir (@lekogirl), Peter Kirkup (@pkirkup) and Aron Altmark (@AronAltmark) were kind enough to answer the Twitter call! The result is a cute, and often times SILLY video recap of […]

Scootin’ around at LDI2009

Every LDI, Joe says he’s gonna get a scooter to ride around the showfloor. Well, this year – there was a real, honest NEED for a scooter. See, the tradeshow is in the South Hall, but our training and demo room is in the North Hall. It’s a bit of a hike, but the scooters […]

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Cat’s LDI Martini Bar Guide for Orlando – 2009

In doing my research for martini bars in Orlando this week – I’ve found a couple that look pretty good. I’ve actually sent this list out in a couple of emails, so I figured I’d add it as a post as well. Outside of the rest of the social goodness we’ll be enjoying at LDI, […]

LDI 2009

We’ll both be making the journey to Orlando this week for the LDI tradeshow. There should be plenty of opportunities for drinking networking throughout the weekend, so look us up! Both Joe and I will be working with our Console Cocktails sponsor, ACT Lighting. Joe will be offering 2 grandMA Level 2 training sessions as […]

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Cocktail #1: Busk Busk Baby

In our first episode, we talk about what “busking” on a console means, and offer up some suggestions on how to set up a simple busking showfile. This topic was suggested by Jim Galvin. Suggest your own topic, or send us a question for the series via our new form. Of course, the cocktail in […]


To prove how excited I get over little things… I give you the “Console Cocktails” theme. 13 seconds of pure amateur MAGIC. Actually, I’m a little embarrassed about how long it took me to make this. Sheesh.

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Happy Halloween

At the last minute we threw together some Halloween decorations for our front porch. Since there’s a console and a cocktail involved, we figured you might enjoy seeing it. Plus, there’s some cute trick-or-treaters. PS: After the video, we added Voyant Chai Liquor to the pumpkin spice martinis, and it was even better. -Cat

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Tweaking Existing Shows

Normally, when you’ve decided that you want to learn a new console, you might take a leisurely path to becoming comfortable. In other words, it’s pretty typical to start by researching what the console does, how it does it, and how your friends like it. After that, you’d probably start playing with the offline editor […]

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grandMAr2ni: How to

This was a really simple recipe that Joe covered in our announcement video. We’re drinking these again in the first episode (“Busk, Busk, Baby”). I’m not even sure this constitutes a “cocktail” since there’s really only one ingredient and one garnish! The details: Ingredients: 1 part Black Vodka 1 orange peel, cut in a circular shape […]

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The Video Series is GO!

Here’s the video to give you the details on how and why this series got started.  More importantly, you’ll also learn how to make a grandMAr2ni.

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