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Additional Training Videos

Posted by Cat On December - 1 - 2010

In the past few weeks, I’ve added a couple of new sections to the ConsoleCocktails site. These pages include embedded console training videos that I’ve created in addition to the podcast videos. There are three sections:

  • grandMA2 videos: These are the brand spankin’ new videos I made for MA Lighting. They’re so new, in fact, that not all of them are available online yet. As MA releases each video into the wild, I’ll add it to this site as well- so you’ll want to check back.
  • Wholehog 3 videos: These are a bit older, but you might still find them helpful
  • Other products: Videos on using Pixellage and the Axon Media Server’s CMA app
  • Note: you can also find the Wholehog/Pixellage/CMA videos on High End Systems’ website. The grandMA2 videos are also available on MA Lighting’s YouTube channel.
    Thanks for watching!

    Here’s a sample of one of the grandMA2 training videos:

    Video 9: Special Dialog- Colour + Shaper from Cat West on Vimeo.

    LDIBarCrawl Details

    Posted by Cat On October - 19 - 2010

    RSVP for the BarCrawl here!

    Here we go:

    The Crawl starts at 7pm at Gordon Biersch Brewery at 3987 Paradise Road (phone: 702-312-5247). Why? Well, first: it’s close to the convention area. Second: Since it’s a restaurant, you don’t have to be 21 to join us (we’ll wrangle up some tables next to the bar). Third: You can order an AronTheIntern Cocktail. Ok, well technically, they call it a Firefly Tea, but it’s the same thing.

    After the brewery, we’re taking a short walk to the Hard Rock Hotel to enjoy the original Center Bar.

    From there, we’re cabbing it up to the strip. Even though the crawl hasn’t started yet, my memory of the exact order of locations is a bit fuzzy… but we’ll keep you all in-the-know as the night goes on. Locations will include Red Square (my favorite!) and Nine Fine Irishmen (yummy). Depending on who’s up for it – we may hit a perennial Vegas favorite: the Peppermill. I like to call the Peppermill “classic Vegas cheese.” I <3 it. Exact times will depend on how everyone likes each bar. You can join us at any point in the evening. To see where we're drinking at any point, follow us on Twitter, or via our Facebook page updates.

    Cocktails on Facebook

    Posted by Cat On February - 17 - 2010

    thumb-facebookWe’ve put up a new Facebook page for Console Cocktails. The page includes all of our Cocktail Recipes along with embedded copies of our videos. We’ll update our page as we create new episodes or articles. You can also use the Discussions tab to talk about what you’d like to see us cover in a video (or suggest a cocktail).

    If you’re on Facebook, come join us!

    We’re on iTunes!

    Posted by Cat On January - 21 - 2010

    Yup, we’re officially a Video Podcast on iTunes. So… if you want to take the videos with you – or just have your own offline copies that you can watch on your computer – just subscribe.

    Now it’s Favor-Asking-Time. If you like the episodes at all, please give us a nice, high rating on our Podcast page. We need to get a few more ratings before iTunes will give us an “average rating.” If you’re feeling saucy, give us a review! It would mean a lot to us, and if you give us a nice review – Joe and Cat will owe you a hug (and a martini).

    Obviously, you can still watch all of the videos here on this site – and we have a couple of other locations as well for your viewing pleasure:

  • Our YouTube Page
  • Our Vimeo Page (here you can watch HD versions of our episodes)
  • You can also get immediate notifications of new blog posts and episodes by following @ConsoleCocktail on Twitter.

    Scootin’ around at LDI2009

    Posted by Cat On November - 20 - 2009

    thumb-joescooterEvery LDI, Joe says he’s gonna get a scooter to ride around the showfloor. Well, this year – there was a real, honest NEED for a scooter. See, the tradeshow is in the South Hall, but our training and demo room is in the North Hall. It’s a bit of a hike, but the scooters save you a LOT of time. Plus – we look wicked cool on them. Right? Right?

    They definitely work better on the concrete than the carpet, but – for $20 – I’m not complaining. They worked pretty well on the pre-carpeted showfloor on Thursday. If we could just get them to take all of the carpet up and get all the attendees to move on to a booth and out of the aisles, we could have some real fun.

    To prove how AWESOME we look on them, I’ve placed some iPhone-quality (what an ironic combination) videos for your viewing pleasure below.

    Special thanks to the LDI Interns for making extra Wal-Mart runs so that we could have these.

    LDI 2009

    Posted by Cat On November - 16 - 2009

    ldiWe’ll both be making the journey to Orlando this week for the LDI tradeshow. There should be plenty of opportunities for drinking networking throughout the weekend, so look us up!

    Both Joe and I will be working with our Console Cocktails sponsor, ACT Lighting. Joe will be offering 2 grandMA Level 2 training sessions as part of LDInstitute beginning Tuesday, November 17th. At the time of this posting, there was still space left to sign up – so if you’ll be in the Orlando area and want to get your hands on a shiny new GrandMA2, you might consider it.

    I’ll mostly be at the ACT Lighting booth (Booth 209) on the Exhibit Hall Floor. Drop by and say HI! If you have a question for Console Cocktails that we could do a video answer for – this would be a good chance to discuss it. Or, if you know where to get the best vodka martini in Orlando, you absolutely MUST come find me.

    Of course, unless something strange comes up, Joe and I should both be at the Jimonlight/iSquint TweetUp at the Peabody on Saturday night. More details here.

    Tweaking Existing Shows

    Posted by Cat On October - 29 - 2009

    thumbspektorNormally, when you’ve decided that you want to learn a new console, you might take a leisurely path to becoming comfortable. In other words, it’s pretty typical to start by researching what the console does, how it does it, and how your friends like it. After that, you’d probably start playing with the offline editor (which should be free) and hopefully take a training class. Remember, I didn’t say you HAD to read the manual. I have a love/hate relationship with manuals. I love using the index to find what I need to know quickly. I don’t read the manual cover-to-cover because, no big surprise here, they’re boring. Regardless, you normally find your own path to becoming comfortable with a new desk in a somewhat controlled environment before launching it on to something large scale.

    That’s not always the case, though. This year, Allison Brummer decided that she wanted to upgrade from the console she had been using on the Regina Spektor “Far” tour to a grandMA Full Size. This meant re-programming basically from scratch. Allison took the grandMA class from Joe at ACT Lighting, and then worked with a programmer in NY to put her show together on the MA. After using it on a few shows, she wanted to come back and get a little more in-depth with the console and really set it to fit her style. That’s when I got to come on board.

    I had the pleasure of working with Allison for two programming sessions and then for a performance at the Greek Theatre. We updated some of the existing programming (which was already very clean and well organized) and tweaked some existing timing and effects before we wrote any new programming. As a designer, Allison looks at the show very theatrically and it’s fun to see a designer be able to mix the two genres. Anyone who’s worked in theatre and concerts will tell you that the two styles very rarely meet.

    Having only used the console on the last few tour dates, she already looks like a pro – even busking some new looks at the end of the set. The tour still has quite a few North American dates left, followed by a European leg at the end of November. It’s a beautiful show if you get a chance to see it. I wasn’t very familiar with the music beforehand, but I’m thinking I need to hit up iTunes now because I really enjoyed it.