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Cocktail #6: Aron the Intern

Posted by Cat On September - 29 - 2010

This time WTH stands for “Where the heck,” as in “Where the heck have we been for months?”

Well ok, fair enough. Its been a looooong time. We try to explain that in the video and offer you up a bit of good humor at the same time.
You’ll also notice there are lot of things are gone – and it’s not just Joe’s long hair. For example, we’re keeping it simple and foregoing the green screen (you would not believe how long that takes to set up and later to render in post). I’ll let you figure out the rest…

You can follow Aron on Twitter: @aronaltmark
To make the Aron the Intern cocktail:

  • 1 part Sweet Tea Vodka (there are a variety of brands at your favorite liquor store: we like Bevmo)
  • 1 part Peach Schnapps (we used DeKuyper)
  • 1 part lemonde
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