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Cat’s LDI Martini Bar Guide for Orlando – 2009

Posted by Cat On November - 18 - 2009

In doing my research for martini bars in Orlando this week – I’ve found a couple that look pretty good. I’ve actually sent this list out in a couple of emails, so I figured I’d add it as a post as well. Outside of the rest of the social goodness we’ll be enjoying at LDI, you might find me at one of these bars:

Blue Martini Lounge (12 miles from convention center): The one in Vegas is pretty good, so I assume this one should be pretty similar.

Bosendorfer at the Grand Bohemian (13 miles from OCCC): Lookin’ Classsssyyyyy… I expect to see some sort of retired-couple lounge act in there.

Timpano Restaurant (2.5 miles from OCCC): Looks like Daily Grill/Flemings type place – I’m REALLY interested to try the Three Olives Martini. It’s basically a dirty martini that includes (among others) a caviar-stuffed-olive. mmmmmm.

Hue Restaurant (15 miles from OCCC): They don’t have a cocktail menu online, but you gotta love the name of this place.


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  1. Aron Said,

    If you’re not in a martini mood, there’s a great selection of beer bars in O-town as well. Check out:

    Red Light Red Light: 12 miles from OCCC, has over 300 rare and imported beers on their menu at any given time, with over two dozen on tap and an always-changing selection. Also has their own honey-mead brew.

    Stardust Video & Cafe: 12 miles from OCCC, also great beer selection, but also has liquor and can make any drink you might want. Walls are crowded with DVDs and VHS for sale, really unique atmosphere with open mic and poetry nights right next to bands and DJs, sometimes just a quiet bar as well. Beware hipsters.

    Be sure to check out Church St. and downtown Orlando, as Friday and Saturday nights are always fun downtown. Beware college bars disguised as classy nightclubs.

    Also, there’s always Epcot and drinking around the world. 😉

    Posted on November 18th, 2009 at 8:18 am