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Console Cocktails

Illuminating while Intoxicating

grandMAr2ni: How to

Posted by Cat On October - 27 - 2009

This was a really simple recipe that Joe covered in our announcement video. We’re drinking these again in the first episode (“Busk, Busk, Baby”). I’m not even sure this constitutes a “cocktail” since there’s really only one ingredient and one garnish!
The details:


1 part Black Vodka

1 orange peel, cut in a circular shape

The vodka we used was Blavod.  For some reason, when you buy it: it comes in a wetsuit. I’m serious. It’s cute, though. Not my favorite vodka, but certainly good enough to drink on it’s own without any sort of mixer. Plus, it looks cool, and that’s important.

To get the perfectly circular “trackball” orange garnishes, we used the lid from the vodka like a cookie-cutter. Blavod has a tin (or aluminum, I don’t know)  lid, and it worked perfectly. Then, just pop out the orange pieces and pull off any extra orange guts that may still be clinging on.

It’s a little sweet, but it sure does look like the trackball corner of the grandMA 2’s front panel. In fact, the more you drink from it, it almost starts to resemble the console PERFECTLY. At least, that’s what I thought.


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