Sunday, February 18, 2018

Console Cocktails

Illuminating while Intoxicating

Cocktail #8: Converting Showfiles and ShirleyTemples

This time we take a look at the new grandMA1 to grandMA2 showfile conversion utility, and then we give a classic drink an adult update. You can download the MA Showfile converter for free at Recipe: Converted Shirley Temple Ingredients: 6 oz. Reeds Extra Ginger Brew 1 splash Rose’s Grenadine 1 Shot Domaine de […]

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Cocktail #7: Smells like Bacon

Besides serving up the recipes you submitted for a Wholehog colored cocktail, we include a video covering all of the Wholehog 3 OPEN key shortcuts. We received four suggestions for a Wholehog flavored cocktail, so we included all of them in the video. Thank you to everyone who participated and Enjoy! Want to watch this […]

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Additional Training Videos

In the past few weeks, I’ve added a couple of new sections to the ConsoleCocktails site. These pages include embedded console training videos that I’ve created in addition to the podcast videos. There are three sections: grandMA2 videos: These are the brand spankin’ new videos I made for MA Lighting. They’re so new, in fact, […]

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LDIBarCrawl Details

RSVP for the BarCrawl here! Here we go: The Crawl starts at 7pm at Gordon Biersch Brewery at 3987 Paradise Road (phone: 702-312-5247). Why? Well, first: it’s close to the convention area. Second: Since it’s a restaurant, you don’t have to be 21 to join us (we’ll wrangle up some tables next to the bar). […]

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Cocktail #6: Aron the Intern

This time WTH stands for “Where the heck,” as in “Where the heck have we been for months?” Well ok, fair enough. Its been a looooong time. We try to explain that in the video and offer you up a bit of good humor at the same time. You’ll also notice there are lot of […]

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Cocktail #5: HTP, LTP and Gummi Bears

This time we’re talking about priority levels when you have multiple playbacks and how to determine which will win. We’re also having drunken gummi bears… which are always full of win. Thanks to Aron Altmark for the suggestion!

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Cocktails on Facebook

We’ve put up a new Facebook page for Console Cocktails. The page includes all of our Cocktail Recipes along with embedded copies of our videos. We’ll update our page as we create new episodes or articles. You can also use the Discussions tab to talk about what you’d like to see us cover in a […]

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We’re on iTunes!

Yup, we’re officially a Video Podcast on iTunes. So… if you want to take the videos with you – or just have your own offline copies that you can watch on your computer – just subscribe. Now it’s Favor-Asking-Time. If you like the episodes at all, please give us a nice, high rating on our […]

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Cocktail #4: Parameter vs. Channel Calculation on grandMA

The grandMA console calculates DMX output by Parameters – NOT channels like most other consoles. This video explains the difference; how this affects your install; and why it’s so useful. This is consistently one of the more confusing aspects of the console – but this video should help. We’re also enjoying Vespers – which is […]

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Cocktail #3: Squintin’ at the grandMA2

During LDI, we got together with Brian Dowd of ACT Lighting and Justin Lang of to talk about the grandMA2 and what’s new with the hardware and the software. Justin conducted this interview as part of a longer podcast for I brought along my camera (cause you just never know) and got some […]

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